There are many applications that are designed to store sections of code. By choosing the code snippet tool, you can automate the application development process and get quick access to pre-prepared data. It is also a good option for storing a list of actions or regular notes. Let's check out four popular snippet managers you should try.


This application has a simple interface and syntax highlighting for comfortable code use. You can search for information by tags and create folders for snippets. There is also cloud sync here. 

The application is adapted for Mac devices and is relatively lightweight. You can use CodeBox with your friends or colleagues. The application supports popular programming languages and is designed to work together in tandem with the main software.

SnipperApp 2

SnipperApp 2 is a handy application for storing code and sorting by tags. You can use local storage for your snippets. Also, the app can sync with icloud or GitHub Gist. This allows you to open your snippets anywhere and collaborate with your colleagues. Any programmer or computer science student can use this for teaching or daily work.

The utility has syntax highlighting for 120+ programming languages. Users can also personally test GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode. The application has a laconic design and two color themes. Thanks to good optimization, SnipperApp 2 is very resource intensive.

Snippet Manager

Snippet Manager is more of a networking product. Users can save snippets in the cloud and connect to a shared server. The problem is that this is not always convenient. This is a good solution for those who constantly have access to the network. 

The rest can use alternative options. Snippet Manager has a simple interface and basic functionality for creating snippets of code. The app also allows you to delete old snippets if you no longer need them.


Snippely is a typical snippet manager that is available for free. It has a little functionality that is designed to store code snippets. In fact, this is something between a snippet manager and a regular notepad. Such a tool is useful for undemanding users who want to quickly save part of the code without editing.

There is no limit for notes and snippets, but the interface is slightly archaic. You can use this product or use whichever code snippet manager is more convenient in terms of the graphical interface. With four options, you get more options for organizing your code workflow.