In some cases, you may need to get an account for social media, service, or app, but without using personal data. It would be better to use different types of services to keep your anonymity and privacy safe for all your steps in every location. One of them is services, which help to create a virtual sim for SMS receiving.

SMS Receiving Services and Virtual Sim

SMS receiving services usually helps you to receive SMS on the virtual number. The virtual number most often generates only once, and only after you will pick up a country from the available list for registration. After you use it - this number will stop existing in the system.

Your IP address is also hidden, as proxy use is usually one of the procedure's main parts. As a result, you can strictly anonymously, safely, comfortably, and fast obtain any message to verify or register an account anywhere on the Internet. These accounts can be used for a variety of purposes, both for simple tasks and heavy ones:

  • Fake liking;

  • Anonymous Internet browsing;

  • For traffic arbitrage;

  • SEO purposes;

  • Fake following;

  • And many others.

You could also use different other methods of registering or verifying a fake account. For example, you could buy a sim card for a phone, register an account using that number, and then stop using that mobile for personal use and other tasks.

A Simple Way to Create Account via SMS Receiving Service

There are lots of services, which help to obtain virtual sim online. Let's see how the whole process goes on one of the most popular of them - Online Sim. Here is the entire range of activity you should perform to get an account:

  1. After creating an account on the website, choose the country from the list, and pick-up the service you need.

  2. After the payment confirmation (you will have to pay only less than $0,10 to register an account in most cases), you will receive your virtual sim, and you can move on to the next stage.

  3. You will need to use this number during account registration.

  4. Receive a message at the website's personal cabinet, which will contain all the necessary verification codes.

  5. Enter the received code in the corresponding box of the registration form. Now you can do all your tasks in the personal account.

You also need to know that Online Sim provides free virtual mobile numbers, but with many restrictions and peculiarities of their use. Online Sim service is a great reliable assistant for all your personal tasks.