Amid the coronavirus pandemic, almost the whole world has moved to a remote work format to minimize the number of illnesses. The Lao PDR, likewise other countries, was faced with determining a format for working in a collaborative and effective way. As the government network of Laos consists of several ministries, which previously used various outdated communication solutions, the question of choosing a high-quality video conferencing service is more acute than ever. Previously deployed communication decisions exhibited poor performance in changing network conditions and could not support large-scale meetings in good video quality. TrueConf solves all these challenges and provides instant communication for 16 government ministries through a common inter-governmental network for video conferencing, created together with The National Assembly of Laos. This means that multiple government departments effectively coordinate their work, preventing the country from falling behind in its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Lao PDR's e-Government Center is launching a new project called "Smart Government," which TrueConf is a part of. The E-Government Center encourages the implementation of new information and communication technologies in the ministries, provinces and villages of Laos.

The E-Government Center also considered other communication solutions, but they did not have the same level of security and data protection, the ability to integrate with other vendors and high bandwidth. The solution complies with local data security regulations and also offers compatibility with multiple video-enabled devices. In addition, TrueConf can host 4K virtual meetings for up to 1,000 users and work offline without an Internet connection. Officials can now collaborate without limitations even if their Internet connection is less stable.

The deployment of TrueConf's platform has transformed Lao government employees' daily traditional communication ways into a powerful digital collaboration tool. During video calls, participants can use various collaboration tools, such as remote desktop management, slideshows and screen sharing, recording and text messaging. Regardless of the epidemiological situation in the world, The Laos government is planning to continue using TrueConf.